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1# e2 web port
3# e2 data port
5# titan web port
7# titan data port
9# titan host (change it if e2webserv is not running locally on the receiver)
11# automatic switching of channels
12# It is useful if you don't want manually switch a channel on receiver with a single tuner.
13# If it is set to false and you have a single tuner the you can stream only channels located
14# on the same transponder as the current channel active on the receiver.
16# log output file
18# maximal log file size in KB. Set it to 0 (default 10KB) to disable logging (maximal allowed value is 1024).
19# When the file limit is reached a backup of the current file is created.
20# It means maximally 2 x maxLogSize KB will be used.
22# thread pool size (1..8)
24# Directory where the transponder and bouquet files are located.
25# You don't need to specify it, it will be automatically discovered.
26# But if you you start e2webserv not on the receiver (but e.g. on your Linux server or Windows computer) then you
27# should copy the settings (channel, transponder, provider and all bouquets file) and specify here the location on the local computer.
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