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[some skins] fix for auto.po

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1<screen name="notused_main" title="NotUsed Settings" titlealign=center fontcol=fontcol valign=bottom fontsize=30 posx=center posy=center width=50% height=70% bordercol=bordercol bordersize=2 bgcol=bgcol>
2<node bordercol=bordercol scrollbar=auto type=listbox posy=center posx=center name=listbox width=85% height=70%>
3<node name=autostart type=choicebox parent=listbox valign=middle posx=0 text="Auto start" bordercol=bordercol bordersize=2 width=100% height=25>
4<node name=timetostop type=choicebox parent=listbox valign=middle posx=0 text="Time to stop " bordercol=bordercol bordersize=2 width=100% height=25>
5<node name=stopaction type=choicebox parent=listbox valign=middle posx=0 text="Action" bordercol=bordercol bordersize=2 width=100% height=25>
6<node name=b1 text="SAVE" halign=center valign=middle bordercol=green bordersize=2 bordertype=2 posx=0 posy=0 width=150 height=30/>
7<node name=b2 text="EXIT" halign=center valign=middle bordercol=exitcol bordersize=2 bordertype=2 posx=160 posy=0 width=150 height=30/>
8<node name=b3 text="START" halign=center valign=middle bordercol=blue bordersize=2 bordertype=2 posx=400 posy=0 width=200 height=30/>
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