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[titan] wetter update remove yellow from screen save with ok

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1<screen name="weather" fontcol="fontcol" bgcol="black" posx="left" posy="top" width="100%" height="100%" hspace="5" vspace="30">
2<node name="titletext" text="Weather" fontcol="black" fontsize="36" posx="0" posy="0" width="100%" height="50" valign="middle" halign="center" bordercol="black" bordersize="1" borderradius="8" bgcol="titlebgcol" bgcol2="white" gradient="topmiddle">
3<node fontsize=30 bordercol=bordercol bordersize=2 scrollbar=auto type=listbox name=listbox posx=50 posy=70 width=300 height=520>
4<node name=box1 fontsize=30 bordercol=bordercol bordersize=2 posy=60 posx=360 width=410 height=275>
5<node name=day0 parent=box1 posx=5 posy=0 width=400 height=30>
6<node name=day0_low parent=box1 posx=5 posy=35 width=400 height=30>
7<node name=day0_high parent=box1 posx=5 posy=70 width=400 height=30>
8<node name=day0_condition parent=box1 posx=5 posy=105 width=400 height=30>
9<node name=day0_icon parent=box1 posx=120 posy=160 width=100 height=100>
10<node name=box2 fontsize=30 bordercol=bordercol bordersize=2 posy=60 posx=770 width=410 height=275>
11<node name=day1 parent=box2 posx=5 posy=0 width=400 height=30>
12<node name=day1_low parent=box2 posx=5 posy=35 width=400 height=30>
13<node name=day1_high parent=box2 posx=5 posy=70 width=400 height=30>
14<node name=day1_condition parent=box2 posx=5 posy=105 width=400 height=30>
15<node name=day1_icon parent=box2 posx=120 posy=160 width=100 height=100>
16<node name=box3 fontsize=30 bordercol=bordercol bordersize=2 posy=330 posx=360 width=410 height=275>
17<node name=day2 parent=box3 posx=5 posy=0 width=400 height=30>
18<node name=day2_low parent=box3 posx=5 posy=35 width=400 height=30>
19<node name=day2_high parent=box3 posx=5 posy=70 width=400 height=30>
20<node name=day2_condition parent=box3 posx=5 posy=105 width=400 height=30>
21<node name=day2_icon parent=box3 posx=120 posy=160 width=100 height=100>
22<node name=box4 fontsize=30 bordercol=bordercol bordersize=2 posy=330 posx=770 width=410 height=275>
23<node name=day3 parent=box4 posx=5 posy=0 width=400 height=30>
24<node name=day3_low parent=box4 posx=5 posy=35 width=400 height=30>
25<node name=day3_high parent=box4 posx=5 posy=70 width=400 height=30>
26<node name=day3_condition parent=box4 posx=5 posy=105 width=400 height=30>
27<node name=day3_icon parent=box4 posx=120 posy=160 width=100 height=100>
28<node name=date halign=left valign=center posx=50 posy=550 width=470 height=30 fontsize=30>
29<node name="buttonbar" posx=center posy="600" width="1220" height="50" bordercol="black" bordersize="1" borderradius="8" bgcol="titlebgcol" bgcol2="white" gradient="topmiddle">
30<node name="b1" picmem="skin/key_ok_70x40.png"   posx="50"  posy="605" width="70" height="40">
31<node name="b2" picmem="skin/key_exit_70x40.png" posx="125" posy="605" width="70" height="40">
32<node name="b3" text="ADD" picmem="skin/key_red_30x30.png"     textposx="40" valign="middle" fontcol="black" fontsize="25" posx="205" posy="610" width="180" height="30">
33<node name="b4" text="DEL" picmem="skin/key_green_30x30.png"   textposx="40" valign="middle" fontcol="black" fontsize="25" posx="395" posy="610" width="250" height="30">
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