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1= Syntax Coloring of Source Code
2Trac supports language-specific syntax highlighting of source code within wiki formatted text in [WikiProcessors#CodeHighlightingSupport wiki processors] blocks and in the [TracBrowser repository browser]. Syntax coloring is provided using [ Pygments], which covers a wide range of programming languages and other structured texts, and is actively supported. If Pygments is not available, Trac will display the content as plain text.
5=== About Pygments
7[ Pygments] is a highlighting library implemented in pure python, very fast, easy to extend and [ well documented].
9The Pygments default style can specified in the [TracIni#mimeviewer-section mime-viewer] section of trac.ini. The default style can be overridden by setting a //Style// preference on the [/prefs/pygments preferences page].
12== Syntax Coloring Support
14=== Supported languages
16The list of currently supported languages can be found on the [ supported languages] page. The list represents the languages supported in the most recent version of Pygments, so the languages actually supported in your installation could differ if you have an older version installed. The listing of [ supported lexers] provides additional information about the default mime type to keyword mappings.
18Explicit control of the mime type associated with a [WikiProcessors WikiProcessor] and file extension is available through the `mime_map` setting. For example, by default `.m` files are considered Objective-C files. In order to treat `.m` files as MATLAB files, add `text/matlab:m` to the `mime_map` setting in the [wiki:TracIni#mimeviewer-section "[mimeviewer] section of trac.ini"].
20If a mimetype property such as `svn:mime-type` is set to `text/plain`, there is no coloring even if file is known type like `java`.
22=== Direct Rendering
24Rich content may be directly //rendered// instead of syntax highlighted. This usually depends on which auxiliary packages are installed and on which components are activated in your setup. For example a `text/x-rst` document will be rendered via `docutils` if it is installed and the `trac.mimeview.rst.ReStructuredTextRenderer` is not disabled, and will be syntax highlighted otherwise.
26In a similar way, a document with the mimetype `text/x-trac-wiki` is rendered using the Trac wiki formatter, unless the `trac.mimeview.api.WikiTextRenderer` component is disabled.
28HTML documents are directly rendered only if the `render_unsafe_html` settings are enabled in the TracIni (those settings are present in multiple sections, as there are different security concerns depending where the document comes from). If you want to ensure that an HTML document gets syntax highlighted and not rendered, use the `text/xml` mimetype.
30=== Known MIME types
35See also: WikiProcessors, WikiFormatting, TracWiki, TracBrowser
Note: See TracBrowser for help on using the repository browser.