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fix many links and code to make translations to other languages easier.
fix headers on pages.
this is a test to see if code works.

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1= Willkommen im TitanNit Projekt - Welcome to the TitanNit Project =
3[=#point0]'''Bitte wählen Sie Ihre Sprache: \ please select your language''' :
5||= '''[wiki:Wiki-ge#point0 Deutsches Wiki]''' =||= '''[wiki:Wiki-en#point0 English Wiki]''' =||
6||= [[Image(source:/wiki/Wiki-Pictures/DE/German-flag.jpg,link=wiki:Wiki-ge#point0)]] =||= [[Image(source:/wiki/Wiki-Pictures/EN/English-Flag.jpg,link=wiki:Wiki-en#point0))]]=||
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