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3>''' Blind Scan Settings''' [=#point3.5.1.6] ([wiki:Channel-Service#point3.5.1 Channel-Service (Back)]) ([wiki:Wiki#point0 Contents]) ([WikiStart#point0 Main page])
5>Menu Picture place holder:
7>[[Image(, 400)]][[br]]
9Here you can proform a blind scan.
13 ||'''Tuner type''' ||Select the recption tuner type.||
14 ||'''Minimal Frequency:''' ||Set the mimimum frequency to scan for during blind scan.||
15 ||'''Maximum Frequency:''' ||Set the maximum frequency to scan for during blind scan.||
16 ||'''Step Frequency:''' ||Set the step size of the frequency in mhz from the start frequency to scan.||
17 ||'''Minimal Signalrate:''' ||Set the minimum Signal rate to scan for during blind scan.||
18 ||'''Maximum Signalrate''' ||Set the Maximum Signal rate to scan for during blind scan.||
19 ||'''Step Signalrate'''  ||Set the brightness of the led when the system is in standby.||
20 ||'''Use only standard forward error correction (FEC)''' ||???.||
21 ||'''DVB-S Services Only:''' ||Scan only for SD channels.||
22 ||'''Only Default FEC:''' ||???.||
24 ''Note: not all these options are relavant or shown and it depend's on the selected tuner type''
26 To __"Store"__ the settings Exit from the EPG Settings Menu by pressing __"OK"__ or press __"Exit"__ to cancel changes.
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