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3>'''3.6.6 Adjust''' [=#point3.6.6] ([wiki:Interface-Operation#point3.6 Settings (Back)])([wiki:Wiki#point0 Contents]) ([WikiStart#point0 Main page])
8>Here you can adjust various other settings of the decoder.
12 ||'''Volume Bar Timeout''' ||How long the Volume Bar should display after chang of the volume.||
13 ||'''Infobar Sleep:''' ||timeperiod until the Infobar appears||
14 ||'''Infobar Timeout:''' ||How long the Infobar should display after being displayed.||
15 ||'''Second Infobar:''' ||what function should happen of a second press of the info key.||
16 ||'''Virtualzap Timeout:''' ||???||
17 ||'''Spinnerspeed:''' ||How fast the animated hourglass display should move.||
18 ||'''SpinnerTime:''' ||??? ||
19 ||'''Hangtime:''' ||How long to wait for something to happen before bringing up the crash display.||
20 || '''Fastzap:''' ||Use fast channel switching.||
21 ||'''Dont Clear TV on Zap (Only on Fastzap):'''|| keep the picture on the display during channel change but not during fast channel change. ||
22 ||'''Faststop:''' ||???. ||
23 ||'''Dir Sort:''' ||Select the mode for sorting directorys in file list displays. ||
24 ||'''Power Action:''' ||Function to preform on operation of the power button (Stand-By) or Switch Off (Deep Stand-By) ETC... ||
25 ||'''Fast Text Renderer:''' ||Use the hack Fasttext renderer to increace the speed of text displays. ||
26 ||'''Record Split Size:''' ||Set the size of recording files and break apart if the recording excedes the selected size. ||
27 ||'''Record Forerun (Min):''' ||Set the amout of time to pre record before the start of a timer recording. ||
28 ||'''Record Overrun (Min):''' ||Set the amout of time to record after a timer recording has finished.||
29 ||'''Set Action After Record:''' ||Set the function to preform after a recording or timer has finished.||
30 ||'''Skip 1/3:''' ||Set the playback skip time when you press the buttons 1 and 3. ||
31 ||'''Skip 4/6:''' ||Set the playback skip time when you press the buttons 4 and 6. ||
32 ||'''Skip 7/9:''' ||Set the playback skip time when you press the buttons 7 and 9. ||
33 ||'''Change Channelname Auto:''' ||Automatically change the channel name if it changes or new channels replace old ones. ||
34 ||'''Show Time Line in Channel list:''' ||Show the time display in the channel list display. ||
35 ||'''Animated Screens:''' ||Use anamated displays in the GUI. ||
36 ||'''Animated Speed:''' ||Set the speed of the anamated displays in the GUI if anamated displaus is enabled. ||
37 ||'''Channel List View:''' ||Should the channel list view be automatically hidden. ||
38 ||'''Show Last Position Question:''' ||During the startup of a media file do you wish to be asked where should the play start from. ||
39 ||'''Resync Recording Immediatly:''' ||During recording ignore data buffer and sync recording imediatly. ||
40 ||'''Recording Name:''' ||Change the default format of the name of the recording. ||
41 ||'''Newsletter:''' ||Show the news letter on startup. ||
42 ||'''Show Hidden Files:''' ||Show files that are makked as hidden in file list displays. ||
43 ||'''Expert Mode:''' ||Set expert mode to enable advanced functions. ||
44 ||'''Show Infobar on Program Change:''' ||Show the infobar when the channel is displayed. ||
45 ||'''Use Cross Control for Fast Zapping and Volume Control:''' ||Use the d-pad buttons for fastzap and volume control. ||
46 ||'''Deactivate Cript Support on Media Playback:''' ||Disable CA and Smartcard decoding when playing back a media file. ||
47 ||'''Deactivate Mini TV:''' ||Disable the mini TV picture when GUI elements are being displayed. ||
48 ||'''Playback Buffer Size:''' ||set the size of the read ahead buffer during playback of media files for smooth playback. ||
49 ||'''Time to Wait After Seek to Fill Buffer:''' ||Pausetime after seek to enable buffer to fill during playback to ensure smooth playback. ||
50 ||'''Community User:''' ||Set the default username for username propmts. ||
51 ||'''Community Pass:''' ||Set the default Password for password propmts. ||
53 To __"Store"__ the settings Exit from the EPG Settings Menu by pressing __"OK"__ or press __"Exit"__ to cancel changes.
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