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2>'''3.6.11 EPG Settings''' [=#point3.6.11] ([wiki:Interface-Operation#point3.6 Settings (Back)])([wiki:Wiki#point0 Contents]) ([WikiStart#point0 Main page])
4>Menu Picture place holder:
8>Here you can change your epg settings.
13 ||'''EPG Path''' ||Set to any Path you want where the EPG File should be stored (on Receivers with little Memory it is strongly recommended to extend it by using a USB Pen-Drive or Harddisk)||
14 ||'''How Many Days:''' ||The Number of Days in Advance of the EPG to store (I recommend no higher than 8 Days)||
15 ||'''Delete EPG after read:''' ||Do you want the EPG file to be deleted after being read.||
16 ||'''EPG Save Mode:''' ||When should the EPG Data be stored to the storage medium. Caution: Should you not use a Pen Drive or Harddisk for EPG Storage set to Never, as Receivers with little Memory on Board tend to crash due to Insufficient free space.||
17 ||'''Show EPG Screen (EPG Button):''' ||Which EPG format should be shown on EPG Key-press on the Remote.||
18 ||'''EPG Free Space (kb):''' ||Total of minimal Free Memory that should be kept on the medium where the epg is stored to aviod free space errors.||
19 ||'''EPG List Mode:''' ||What Channels should be scanned in the background (Only for twin Receivers) for EPG (scan)(whitelist) (scanlist and whitelist) (deactivate (disable scan)).||
20 ||'''EPG Scan Time:''' ||Here you can set the time of the automatic EPG scan. The Scan will be performed every Day at that set time. Should the Receiver be in Deep Stand-by it will "wake up" aprox. 5 Minutes before the scan is due to start.||
21 ||'''EPG Button in EPG:''' ||Behavior of the EPG Button during EPG display.||
22 ||'''Grafic EPG Zoom:''' ||Sets the zoom level of the EPG to show more or less of a time span of the shown programs.||
23 ||'''Grafic EPG Picons:''' ||Set to yes to use picons or the alternative Picon sets in the infobar and EPG stored in /var/media/autofs/sda1/swapextensions/usr/local/share/titan/picons/ directory.||
24 ||'''Delete EPG Before Scan:''' ||Should the EPG be deleted before a the timed scan.||
25 ||'''After EPG Scan:''' ||Behavior after the EPG scan is completed EPG scan: Nothing (Stand-By) or Switch Off (Deep Stand-By).||
26 ||'''MHW EPG:''' ||Scan for a Media Highway EPG stream during EPG scan.||
27 ||'''MHW2 EPG:''' ||Scan for a Media Highway version 2 EPG stream during  EPG scan.||
28 ||'''OpenTV EPG:''' ||Scan for an OpenTV EPG stream during EPG scan.||
30 To __"Store"__ the settings Exit from the EPG Settings Menu by pressing __"OK"__ or press __"Exit"__ to cancel changes.
35 '''Coloured Button's Functions"
37 The __"Coloured Buttons"__ along the bottom of the display bring up additional menus and options with in the epg settings menu.
38 please see below for more info on the functions of these buttons:.
40 ||'''Red Button: (EPG Reset)''' ||This will reset the saved epg removing all program data.||
41 ||'''Green Button: (Edit)''' ||On a customisable item this will bring up editor to edit a value or text string.||
42 ||'''Yellow Button: (Scanlist)''' ||Brings up the epg scan list and you may from there add aditional boquets to be scaned during an epg scan.||
43 ||'''Blue Button: (log)''' ||This will show you the past scan log history for the epg.||
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