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3'''9.2 TiView''' [=#point9.2] ([wiki:English-Wiki#point0 Contents]) ([WikiStart#point0 Main page])
5TiView is a Windows 32bit application, that will run on a Windows 32/64bit system.[[br]]
6The Tool uses the HTTP-RAW-Api of TitanNit.[[br]]
8''Highlights of TiView''
10- *Output of the TV-Screen on your PC
11- *Watch recordings on your PC
12- *PiP function for 2 simultaneous TV-Stream or recording viewing on your PC
13- *Proxy function for external access from a remote TiView and streaming a recoded stream
14- Management of timers for recordings
15- Infobar with progress bar for the actual program
16- Picon-view in the Infobar(Enabled by adding the picons into the folder /picons in TiView)
17- Channel EPG
18- Multi EPG
19- Grafical Multi EPG
20- EPG Search
21- Overview of recordings
22- Manage profiles should one have more than one Receiver
23- Signal-Monitor
24- Send Messages to your Receiver
25- OSD-Screenshot
26'''*For Playback on your PC you need a compatable media player the 32bit version 2.x of VLC Player .'''[[br]]
27(Alternativly you can copy libvlc.dll, libvlccore.dll and the Plugins folder from VLC into the TiView folder)
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