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5 * Everything started in April 2011. For almost three weeks our Developer Nit secretly worked on the foundation of Titan. After the presentation by Nit Obi and the rest of the team came on board. Everybody was surprised by the rapid development of the Titan Project.
6 * From the beginning the development and source of Titan was nonpublic, as it was not to be foreseen in which direction the development would go.
7 * After a development period of 6 months our hardware manufacturer Atemio declared interest in the project. Looking back at Years of support through Atemio with the Enigma2 Software, Atemio was given main priority for Titan project.
8 * A six-months agreement with Atemio was signed in December 2011.
9 * Due to the good cooperation the agreement was extended and is still in force.
10 * The basic idea for this project originated for various reasons:
11  * due to the missing Python Chip and low CPU speed the sh4 receivers have always had problems with Enigma2.
12  * the constant improvement and expansion of Enigma2 and the TDT Git was comprehensive and time-consuming.
13  * the alternative Neutrino GIT at that time was not layed out to support twin tuner Receivers.
14  * Nit then decided to combine both, the Enigma2 and the Neutrino, to a new Gui which implemented all advantages of both systems.
15  * Neutrinos main advantage has always been its speed
16  * Enigma2s advantage was the ease of integration and expansion with skins and extensions
17  * These two systems combined into one new system was the basic idea of Titan.
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