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3'''10.17 WLAN Module''' [=#point10.17] ([wiki:Wiki#point0 Contents]) ([WikiStart#point0 Main page])
6TitanNit is compatable with several usb Wireless lan devices below is a list of compatable wireless modules chipset's:
8 * Realtek RTL8192SE (802.11N)
9 * Realtek RTL8712U (802.11N)
10 * Ralink RT2870STA (802.11N)
11 * Ralink RT3070STA (802.11N)
12 * Ralink RT5370STA (802.11N)
14Drivers can be installed from any of the above devices from the online extentions ([wiki:TPK-Install#point3.4.4 TPK Install (Online)])
16||= '''WLAN 8192 driver''' =||= '''WLAN Driver 8172u''' =||= '''WLAN Driver rt2870sta''' =||= '''WLAN Driver rt3070sta''' =||= '''WLAN Driver rt5370sta''' =||
17||= [[Image(source:/ipk/source.sh4/wlan_8192cu/preview/prev.png)]] =||= [[Image(source:/ipk/source.sh4/wlan_8712u/preview/prev.png)]] =||= [[Image(source:/ipk/source.sh4/wlan_rt2870sta/preview/prev.png)]] =||= [[Image(source:/ipk/source.sh4/wlan_rt3070sta/preview/prev.png)]] =||= [[Image(source:/ipk/source.sh4/wlan_rt5370sta/preview/prev.png)]] =||
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