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1'''9.5 TitanEditor''' [=#point19.5] ([wiki:Wiki#point0 Contents]) ([WikiStart#point0 Main page])
3Titan editor is a simple channel list editor that is able to convert enigma channel data to be able to operate[[br]]
4on a titan based receiver. It is also able to convert the filename from enigma 2 picons to the titan format.
6This software is still beta status but the basic functions are working, there has been posts noted on the AAF Forum that[[br]]
7converting picons in some instances comit an unhandled exception error causing the program to exit.
9- convert E2 channel list's incl. bouquets (this will not work 100% for some channels)
10 - edit/delete and add Titan channels
11 - convert E2 picons to Titan picons
12 - manage bouquets
14The current version of TitanEditor is version 0.15 and it may be downloaded from here [ titanEditor]
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