Changeset 1319a29b in oe-alliance-core

09/18/16 11:30:45 (7 years ago)
Schimmelreiter <Ziggy.SpaceRat@…>
4.0, 4.3

[opkg] Fix all known opkg errors
Contains three resp. four fixes to opkg:

  1. Errorlevel !=0 in prerm and postrm are no longer fatal This was inacceptable behaviour: We inherit 99% of all prerm and postrm scripts from oe and can not modify them all. Errorlevel !=0 also does not necessarily indicate an error at all, it can also mean that a daemon to stop was already stopped, which is irrelevant for its removal/upgrade.
  2. Scripts were executed in order prerm, preinst, postrm, postinst This led to users created in preinst to be deleted by postrm Scripts are now executed in proper order prerm, postrm, preinst, postinst
  3. prerm and postrm are not executed for busybox This was the behaviour in opkg 0.2.x for ALL packages For busybox we need to keep it, as subsequent updates would otherwise fail due to missing ls, cp, mv, rm, ... applets (Already pre-removed/post-removed and not yet pre-installed/post-installed again)
  4. opkg failed when installing multiple packages and some were no longer available from feeds. With fix it will continue to install what's there and just skip the missing ones (Merged previous fix from Captain for that)
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