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     3'''9.1 TiMote''' [=#point9.1] ([wiki:Wiki#point0 Contents]) ([WikiStart#point0 Main page])
    2 '''9.1 TiMote''' [=#point9.1] ([wiki:Wiki#point0 Contents]) ([WikiStart#point0 Main page])
    48Timote is a universal remote control for Linux-based receivers.
    5 Currently (Atemio) TitanNit, Enigma2 and Neutrino are supported.
     9Currently (Atemio) TitanNit, Enigma2 and Neutrino are supported.
     10please note that screen shots were taken from TiMote version xxx future versions of TiMote could make these screenshots invalid.
    7 features:
    813- Bouquets / Favorites
    914- Show EPG
    3035[https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=eu.azato.timote PlayStore]
     38When you open up Timote You are presented with the main interface along the top of the display the radio buttons are used as the menu of Timote [[br]]
     39See below for more information.
     41'''Main''' [[br]]
     44Main contains a list of the main functions of timote:
     46||'''([wiki:External-Software-TiMote-TV#point0 TV]) ''' ||This will bring up a list of Boquets on the reciever).||
     47||'''([wiki:External-Software-TiMote-On-air#point0 On-air]) ''' ||This will Bring up the information of the TV channel currently displaying on the Reciever||
     48||'''([wiki:External-Software-TiMote-Movies#point0 Movies]) ''' ||This will bring up the Movielist's stored on the reciever).||
     49||'''([wiki:External-Software-TiMote-Timer#point0 Timer]) ''' ||This will bring up a list of the current timer recordings on the reciever).||
     50||'''([wiki:External-Software-TiMote-EPG-Search#point0 EPG-Search]) ''' ||This will bring up a a search page to search the EPG for a specific keyword).||
     54'''Misc''' [[br]]
     57Misc contains a list of other functions of TiMote:
     59||'''([wiki:External-Software-TiMote-Signal-Finder#point0 Signal-Finder]) ''' ||This will bring up the signal info's of the current displayed channel.||
     60||'''([wiki:External-Software-TiMote-Screenshot#point9.1.1 Screenshot]) ''' ||This will take a screen shot of the TV Display||
     61||'''([wiki:External-Software-TiMote-Remote#point9.1.2 Remote]) ''' ||This will bring up the on screen remote).||
     62||'''([wiki:External-Software-TiMote-Message#point9.1.3 Message]) ''' ||This can be used to send messages to the TV display).||
     63||'''([wiki:External-Software-TiMote-Power-Menu#point9.1.4 Power Menu]) ''' ||This will bring up the power control menu
     64||'''([wiki:External-Software-TiMote-RGui#point9.1.5 RGui]) ''' ||This will start the RGui engine||
     65||'''([wiki:External-Software-TiMote-LCD-Mode#point9.1.6 LCD Mode]) ''' ||???||
     66||'''([wiki:External-Software-TiMote-Power-About#point09.1.7 Power About]) ''' ||This will bring up information on the developers of TiMote).||
     68'''Profiles''' [[br]]
     71Profiles is a list of receiver profiles with the ability to select and control multiple receivers.
     72you may create a new profile using the add button at the top of the display.
     76Temp data to move to Individual pages
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