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  • ipk/source/skins_Atemio/_path_/usr/local/share/titan/skin/Atemio/skin.xml

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    35 <screen name="possetup" title="Positioner Setup" titlealign="center" fontsize="30" fontcol="fontcol" valign="bottom" hspace="23" vspace="23" posx="center" posy="center" width="1150" height="550" bordersize="2" bordercol="bordercol" bgcol="bgcol">
    36         <node posx=center posy=1 width=100% height=60 type=textbox wrap=yes text="For getting Signal/SNR/BER values, zap to a channel of the satellite you are searching.">
    37         <node fontsize=30 bordercol=bordercol scrollbar=auto type=listbox name=listbox posx=center posy=80 width=600 height=-210>
     35<screen name="possetup" posx="center" posy="center" width="100%" height="100%" bgcol="black" transparent="200">
     36        <node name="titletext" text="Positioner Setup" fontcol=grey  fontsize=90 posx="5" posy="615" width="1200" height="90">
     37        <node name="topbar" posy=90 posx=30 width=500 height=540 bgcol="bgcol2">
     38        <node name="list_bg" posx="530" posy="50" width="720" height="610" bgcol="bgcol">
     39        <node name="listbox" type="listbox" scrollbar="auto" bordercol=bordercol  fontsize="22" fontcol="fontcol" posx="535" posy="55" width="710" height="550">
    3840        <node name=move text="Move" parent=listbox width=100% height=30>
    3941        <node name=finemove text="Fine move" parent=listbox width=100% height=30>
    4143        <node name=goto0 text="Go to startpos" parent=listbox width=100% height=30>
    4244        <node name=storagepos text="Storage position" parent=listbox type=choicebox width=100% height=30>
    43         <node progresscol=progresscol name=signal bordersize=2 bordercol=bordercol func=getsignalline param1="%d" posx=center posy=260 width=600 height=30>
    44         <node name=signaltext fontcol=red fontsize=27 valign=middle halign=center func=getsignal param1="Signal: %d%%" posx=center posy=260 width=600 height=30>
    45         <node progresscol=progresscol name=snr bordersize=2 bordercol=bordercol func=getsnrline param1="%d" posx=center posy=300 width=600 height=30>
    46         <node name=snrtext fontcol=red fontsize=27 valign=middle halign=center func=getsnr param1="SNR: %d%%" posx=center posy=300 width=600 height=30>
    47         <node name=bertext fontcol=red fontsize=27 valign=middle halign=center func=getber param1="BER: %d" posx=center posy=340 width=600 height=30>
    48 <node name=b5 text="OK (Stop)" halign=center valign=middle bordercol=okcol bordersize=6 bordertype=2 posx=0 posy=0 width=160 height=39>
    49 <node name=b6 text="EXIT" halign=center valign=middle bordercol=exitcol bordersize=6 bordertype=2 posx=170 posy=0 width=130 height=39>
    50 <node name=b1 halign=center valign=middle bordercol=red bordersize=6 bordertype=2 posx=310 posy=0 width=190 height=39>
    51 <node name=b2 halign=center valign=middle bordercol=green bordersize=6 bordertype=2 posx=510 posy=0 width=190 height=39>
    52 <node name=b3 halign=center valign=middle bordercol=yellow bordersize=6 bordertype=2 posx=710 posy=0 width=190 height=39>
    53 <node name=b4 halign=center valign=middle bordercol=blue bordersize=6 bordertype=2 posx=910 posy=0 width=190 height=39>
    54 </screen>
     45        <node progresscol=progresscol name=signal bordersize=2 bordercol=bordercol func=getsignalline param1="%d" posx=600 posy=260 width=600 height=30>
     46        <node name=signaltext fontcol=red fontsize=27 func=getsignal param1="Signal: %d%%" posx=850 posy=260 width=600 height=30>
     47        <node progresscol=progresscol name=snr bordersize=2 bordercol=bordercol func=getsnrline param1="%d" posx=600 posy=300 width=600 height=30>
     48        <node name=snrtext fontcol=red fontsize=27 func=getsnr param1="SNR: %d%%" posx=850 posy=300 width=600 height=30>
     49        <node name=bertext fontcol=red fontsize=27 func=getber param1="BER: %d" posx=850 posy=340 width=600 height=30>
     50        <node pic="skin/atemio.png" width=300 height=200 posx=130 posy=130>
     51<node func=gettime param1="%H:%M"  fontsize=80 name=time fontcol=grey posx="200" posy="400" width="300" height="80">
     52<node textposx=10  func=gettime param1="%a %d/%m/%y" name=time posx=80 posy=490 width=300 height=40 fontsize=40 fontcol=grey>
     53<node name="b5"  picmem="skin/key_ok.png" text="(Stop)" fontcol=fontcol  valign="middle" posx="410" posy="590" width="40" height="40">
     54<node name="b6"  picmem="skin/key_exit.png"  fontcol=fontcol  valign="middle" posx="470" posy="590" width="40" height="40">
     55<node name="b1" fontcol=fontcol  valign="middle" charspace="-1" fontsize="24" posx="547"  posy="627" width="250" height="40" textposx="10">
     56<node posx="540" posy="629" width="6" height="30" bgcol=red>
     57<node name="b2" fontcol=fontcol  valign="middle" charspace="-1" fontsize="24" posx="727" posy="627" width="250" height="40" textposx="10">
     58<node posx="720" posy="629" width="6" height="30" bgcol=green>
     59<node name="b3" fontcol=fontcol  valign="middle" charspace="-1" fontsize="24" posx="927" posy="627" width="250" height="40" textposx="10">
     60<node posx="920" posy="629" width="6" height="30" bgcol=yellow>
     61<node name="b4" fontcol=fontcol  valign="middle" charspace="-1" fontsize="24" posx="1107" posy="627" width="250" height="40" textposx="8">
     62<node posx="1100" posy="629" width="6" height="30" bgcol=blue>
    5665<screen valign=bottom name="gmultiepg" fontcol=fontcol titlealign=center fontsize=30 title="" posx=center posy=center width=95% height=95% bgcol=bgcol>
    5766<node fontsize=20 func=gettime param1="%d-%m-%Y" bordersize=0 bordercol=bordercol scrollbar=no name=time posy=1 width=200 height=35>
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