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     2'''9.3 SatChannelListEditor''' [=#point9.3] ([wiki:Wiki#point0 Contents]) ([WikiStart#point0 Main page])
     4This manual applies to version 5.4 of SatChannelListEditor (SCLE). In future releases,[[br]]
     5possibly new features will be added, making the screen shots of this program obsolete.
     7== Requirements ==
     8SCLE has been programmed for the runtime environment " Microsoft. NET Framework ".[[br]]
     9Currently .NET Framework version 2.0 or higher is required.
     11( also take a look at [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/.NET_Framework Wikipedia article . NET Framework] )
     13== Windows ==
     14* In  Windows XP .NET Framework version 2.0, 3.0 or 3.5 must be installed.[[br]]
     15(3.0 and 3.5 are extended versions include version 2.0)
     16* For Windows Vista and Windows 7 the .NET Framework librarys are implemented[[br]]
     17in the operating system and do not need to be installed seperately.
     18* In Windows 8 .NET Framework 3.5 must be installed. As Windows 8 by default,[[br]]
     19only includes .NET framework 4.5, which is not compatible with SCLE
     20== Linux ==
     21In Linux, the Mono framework is required (see [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mono_(software)Wikipedia article about Mono project]) .
     22[[BR]] You may have to install WinForms libraries manually with "apt -get install libmono- winforms * "
     23[[BR]] You may then run SCLE from the command line with the command "mono SatChannelListEditor.exe ".
     25== Mac OS ==
     26In Mac OS , just like Linux, the Mono-Framework is required to to run SCLE.
     28== The first startup ==
     29After the first startup of SCLE the language is set to English and the receiver[[br]]
     30model " UFS -821 " is selected. You now have to set the language and your[[br]]
     31Receiver model to suite your receiver.
     33Select the receiver and its System you like to manage.
     35== Setting the receiver model and type of operating system ==
     36Select the menu under " Options ", select " Settings" :
     40Select Titan in the window that appears as the receiver you wish to connect to:
     44After selecting the reciever type under the option " Titan " set the IP address of your Receiver, before[[br]]
     45you close the window confirm the settings by clicking the OK button.[[br]]
     46The other settings on this page should not be changed.
     50== Download and upload the channel list ==
     52After the Receiver model and the IP address have been set, you can fetch the channel[[br]]
     53list from your Receiver (Download) and after processing send it back to the Receiver (upload).
     54[[BR]] Use the Buttons in the Menubar of SCLE or in the Drop-down Menu:
     60When you start an upload or download the program will automatically change to[[br]]
     61the message window where status messages are displayed for file transfer.
     63== Edit the channel list ==
     65== Favourites ==
     67All TV and Radio channels are displayed in the tab "TV" and "Radio" in the main window[[br]]
     68of SCLE. Normally there are several hundreds or thousands of channels in this list.
     69[[BR]] To simplify navigation on your Receiver you may add the channels to more than one Favourites list.[[br]]
     70The Favourites also determine the channel number for easier and direct access with your remote control.
     71[[BR]] Create new favourites by clicking the right mouse button within the tree of favourites:
     75After creating the new Favourites entry assign the desired Name:
     79You may now add channels to your favourites by drag & drop of the channels[[br]]
     80onto the Favourites entry or by clicking the right mouse button on the desired channel[[br]]
     81and selecting Add to Favourites and selecting the Favourites Entry from the drop-down-menu:
     85Once a channel has been added to the favourites, a channel number is assigned.[[br]]
     86The first channel in the first favourites is channel number 1:
     90When a channel is assigned to more than one favourites list, it additionally[[br]]
     91obtains further channel numbers:
     95=== EPG favourite "EPG scan " ===
     97For TV channels there is a special favourite called "EPG scan".[[br]]
     98Copy all channels you want to be included for the timed EPG scan, all channels in this list[[br]]
     99will have their epg automatically scaned.
     103=== Satellite ===
     104Creating and Editing Satellite entrys
     105Switch to the "Satellite" tab. After clicking the right mouse button the[[br]]
     106drop-down-menu is displayed, where you can create a new Satellite or edit an existing one.[[br]]
     107Double - clicking on an existing Satellite also opens this for editing.
     113=== Creating and Editing Transponders ===
     115Switch to the "Transponder" tab. After clicking the right mouse button the drop-down-menu[[br]]
     116is displayed, where you can create a new Transponder or edit an existing one.[[br]]
     117Double - clicking on an existing Transponder also opens this for editing.
     123=== Creating and Editing Channels ===
     124Switch to the tab "TV" or "Radio". After clicking the right mouse button the drop-down-menu[[br]]
     125is displayed, where you can create a new channel or edit an existing one.[[br]]
     126Double - clicking on an existing channel also opens this for editing.
     132=== Using receiver profiles ===
     134If you have more than one Receiver, it is advisable to work with profiles.[[br]]
     135Go to the settings and enable the checkbox "Use Receiver Profiles":
     139Enter a name for the profile, and click the "Save" button.[[br]]
     140The profile will be created with the current settings specified under the "Titan" tab.
     141[[BR]] To create a profile for a second titan receiver, switch to the "Titan" tab,[[br]]
     142enter the IP address of the second receiver, switch back to the "General" tab,[[br]]
     143enter a new profile name and click on "Save" once again.
     145When you close the settings window by clicking the -OK-button- You will now[[br]]
     146discover the new selection menu where you may choose your Receiver profile.
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