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     3'''8.020 Homecast''' [=#point8.020] ([wiki:Wiki#point0 Contents]) ([WikiStart#point0 Main page])
     6Fortis is a Korean manufacture of satellite receivers that have a range of models that are compatible with TitanNit. These receivers were sold around the world to various resellers with customized bootloaders to lock them to a specific sales region, TitanNit installation is possible after the installation of a Atevio compatible bootloader.
     8'''SH4 Homecast Contents'''
     10 * [#point8.021 8.021 Homecast pro]
     13'''Additional Info'''
     15 * [#point8.022 8.022 Uninstallation]
     16 * [#point8.023 8.025 Update TitanNit]
     17 * [#point8.024 8.024 IRD Download Location]
     20'''8.021 Homecast Pro''' [=#point8.021] ([wiki:Wiki#point0 Contents]) ([WikiStart#point0 Main page])
     22'' How do I install an Homecast UPDATEUSB Image? ''
     23 * Visit the Atemio homepage or the AAF digital forum and download the latest TitanNit firmware . ([#point8.2 IRD Download Locations])
     24 * Extract the zip file
     25 * Now copy the unzipped IMG firmware file to a formatted FAT32 USB stick.
     26     Note: The USB stick should not be formatted with windows. Use a separate program, such as the
     27     " HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool" (freeware program).
     28     Furthermore, we recommend a cheap USB stick with a small storage capacity as well as read and write speed.
     29 * Turn off the Receiver and disconnect all USB devices.
     30 * Connect the USB stick with the IMG file to your Receiver
     31* Switch on (mains plug) while holding in the Power button on the unit (one button from the left) hold it down (about 3 seconds) until "LOAD SW" appears,
     32    then the installation starts. Only then release the button
     33     Note: If installation does not start, use a different USB stick.
     34 * The installation is finished when DONE appears on the receiver.
     35 * Restart the machine after by the main switch again to .
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     41'''8.022 Uninstalling Titan''' [=#point8.022] ([wiki:Wiki#point0 Contents]) ([WikiStart#point0 Main page])
     43If you have an Homecast receiver all you have to do is install your original IMG file as explained above and no bootloader changes are necessary.
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     50'''8.023 Update TitanNit''' [=#point8.023] ([wiki:Wiki#point0 Contents]) ([WikiStart#point0 Main Page]) 
     52There are two ways to update your TitanNit version and there are merits to both methods :
     54IRD offline method see [#point8.020 Homecast Contents] and select your Receiver model to show information on how to update titan using an IRD TitanNit image.
     56''Note: using this method plugins and files stored to Flash will be formatted when the update is preformed.
     57Plugins and files installed to MNT or a valid configured storage device will retain there settings .''
     59Image Online Method see [wiki:System-Update#point3.5.7 System update] for information on how preform an online update.
     61''Note: using this method all plugins and settings are retained as long as they are not installed in flash.''
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     67'''8.024 IRD Download Locations''' [=#point8.024] ([wiki:Wiki#point0 Contents]) ([WikiStart#point0 Main Page]) 
     70* [http://www.aaf-digital.info/forum/downloads.php?do=cat&id=2 Stable Images] [http://www.aaf-digital.info/forum/pages.php?pageid=12 Nightly Images][[br]] 
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