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     2'''9.4 E2WebIfAPI''' [=#point9.4] ([wiki:Wiki#point0 Contents]) ([WikiStart#point0 Main page])
     5== Introduction ==
     6Enigma2 Web Interface ( WebIf ) API was defined for Dreambox .
     7It is a protocol that allows you to control a Dreambox via HTTP requests.
     9Typical control tasks are :
     11* Programming (timer) and playing back recordings
     12* Live streaming (TV and radio)
     13* EPG functions (display, search)
     14* Remote control (Remote Control)
     16You can find a good overview of the E2WebIFAPI in the [http://dream.reichholf.net/wiki/Enigma2:WebInterface DreamboxWIKI].
     18== Motivation ==
     20For TitanNit the Android App [wiki:External-Software-TiMote#point109.1 9.1 TiMote] was developed. Anybody with an Android Smart-Phone or Tablet with this software installed can control their receiver or watch TV on the Android device. Isn't that cool?
     22But owners of an iOS-device (i-Phone or i-Pad) are unlucky as there is no iOS TitanNit compatable web client such as TiMote. You can control your receiver via http protocol (same as Web Interface) but you wont be able to use all advantages like tiMote on an Android Platform.
     24On the other hand iOS and Android Apps already exist for Dreambox receivers. These Apps are based on the Enigma2 protocol. Couldn't one just use that App on iOS instead of developing a new App?
     26== The solution ==
     27TitanNit has its own protocol but is not compatible to the Enigma2 WebIf. Following a short analysis it was discovered that converting E2 requests to Titan didn't seem so difficult. Therefore, an E2 web server (e2webserv) was developed, which implements the Enigma2 WebIf. This server receives the E2 requests, delegates the calls to TitanNit web server and the responses is converted back into the XML format, which is expected from the E2 client.
     29This way the TitanNit receiver is able to correspond to existing E2 - client software.
     32== Requirements ==
     34* The Web server must be enabled on the receiver
     35* The E2webserv must be installed on the receiver
     37== IOS Apps ==
     39The following apps are installed on my iPad2:
     40* dreaMote
     41* DreaMote Lite
     42* e2RemoteHD
     43* Dreambox Live
     45Should you not want to purchase any apps from the Apps-Store I can recommend dreaMote Lite .
     47In addition to the app you need a player.
     49I have tried the following players, which work well for me:
     50* Good Player
     51* BUZZ Player
     52* OPlayerHD Lite
     53* VLC Player
     55VLC and OPlayerHD Lite are free.
     57== XBMC ==
     59If you are running the Media Center software [http://xbmc.org/ XBMC] or [http://xbmc4xbox.org.uk/ XBMC4XBOX], you can connect your Titan receiver via the Live-TV-Plugin VU+.
     60XBMC runs on Windows PCs aswell as Linux and is also available for Raspberry Pi and the Xbox.
     62== VLC ==
     63Having installed the e2webserv you can enjoy Live-Streaming on your Windows or Linux PC using [http://www.videolan.org/vlc/ VLC] (no further software needed).
     65You do not have to switch channels manually it all happens automatically. In order for this to take place you need an M3U playlist. You can easily generate the playlist by your Favourites and save to your PC. Having done so you only need to open the M3U list in VLC and select the desired channel.
     67How do you export a particular favourites list into an M3U file?
     69Enter the address in your Web browser.
     71Example (favourite is "Polish"):
     75Enter your receivers IP address and where names of Favourites have spaces within these spaces must be replaced with "%20".
     77Example (favourite is "My TV" Receiver - IP:
     81Client Configuration == ==
     82Please configure the E2-clientas accordingly:
     83* IP address of the receiver
     84* Port: 8080
     85* Streaming Port: 8001
     87Please note that SSL is not supported.
     89Below you see an example configuration for dreaMote.
     93== E2webserv.conf ==
     95You must alter the server configuration manually. Using standard configured TitanNit no alterration on the e2webserv.conf should be neccessary.
     97Should you have installed the plugin to Flash the configuration file '''e2webserv.conf''' lies in the directory '''/mnt/swapextensions/etc'''
     99Here is the content:
     101# E2 web port
     102port = 8080
     103# E2 data port
     104data port = 8001
     105# Titan web port
     106titanium- port = 80
     107# Titan data port
     108titan data port = 22222
     109# Titan host (change it if e2webserv is not running locally on the receiver)
     110titan host =
     111# Automatic switching of channels
     112# It is useful if you do not want manually switch a channel on receiver with a single tuner.
     113# If it is set to false and you have a single tuner you can stream the only channels located
     114# On the same transponder as the current channel active on the receiver .
     115Autozap = true
     116# Log output file
     117logFile = /tmp/e2webserv.log
     118# Maximum log file size in KB. Set it to 0 (default 10KB) to disable logging (maximum allowed value is 1024).
     119# When the file limit is reached a backup of the current file is created .
     120# It Means maximally 2 x MaxLogSize KB will be used.
     121MaxLogSize = 10
     122# Thread pool size (1 through 8)
     123threadpool = 2
     124# Directory where the transponder and bouquet files are located.
     125# You do not need to Specify it, it will be Automatically Discovered .
     126# But if you you start e2webserv not on the receiver (but eg on your Linux server or Windows computer) then you
     127# Shoulderstand copy the settings (channel, transponder, provider and all bouquets file) and here Specify the location on the local computer .
     128titanDir = /mnt/settings
     131== Links ==
     133* Enigma2 Web API in [http://www.aaf-digital.info/forum/showthread.php?90948-Enigma2-Web-API-f % FCr - TitanNit AAF Forum]
     134* Sources on [https://github.com/gswiatek/e2api4titan GitHub]
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