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     3>''' HTTP Settings''' [=#point3.5.4.6] ([wiki:Interface-Operation#point3.5.1 network (Back])
     8Here you can setup your HTTP interface.
     12||'''Start HTTPD:''' ||Start the webserver.||
     13 ||'''User:''' ||Sets the zoom level of the EPG to show more or less of a time span of the shown programs.||
     14 ||'''Password:''' ||Set to yes to use picons or the alternative Picon sets in the infobar and EPG stored in /var/media/autofs/sda1/swapextensions/usr/local/share/titan/picons/ directory.||
     15 ||'''HTTPD Port:''' ||Should the EPG be deleted before a the timed scan.||
     16 ||'''IP for Stream:''' ||Behavior after the EPG scan is completed EPG scan: Nothing (Stand-By) or Switch Off (Deep Stand-By).||
     17 ||'''Stream Port:''' ||Scan for a Media Highway EPG stream during EPG scan.||
     18 ||'''Start RGUID:''' ||Scan for a Media Highway version 2 EPG stream during  EPG scan.||
     19 ||'''RGUID Port''' ||Scan for an OpenTV EPG stream during EPG scan.||
     21 To __"Store"__ the settings Exit from the EPG Settings Menu by pressing __"OK"__ or press __"Exit"__ to cancel changes.
     26 '''Coloured Button's Functions"
     28 The __"Coloured Buttons"__ along the bottom of the display bring up additional menus and options with in the epg settings menu.
     29 please see below for more info on the functions of these buttons:.
     31 ||'''Text Button: (Keyboard)''' ||This will bring up the onscreen keyboard to edit the currently selected test string.||
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