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(edit) @34ed243   4 years bpanther_ts fix grab for vuduo4k
(edit) @ed01730   4 years bpanther_ts added vuduo4k
(edit) @b66274b   4 years bpanther_ts vusolo4k oled_ctrl added (big thx redblue-pkt)
(edit) @d05ba8c   4 years bpanther_ts fix missing headers
(edit) @1c30adf   4 years bpanther_ts add turnoff_power for VU+ by redblue-pkt
(edit) @767ea5f   4 years bpanther_ts fix build vuduo - not yet ready
(edit) @09dcf47   4 years eric fix last commit
(edit) @ccfd855   4 years eric split minimon to arch
(edit) @e9263f5   4 years bpanther_ts vusolo4k: small change osd init
(edit) @9a381ec   4 years bpanther_ts fix last commit
(edit) @2cfe595   4 years bpanther_ts vusolo4k: framebuffer init helper
(edit) @f9cfbc5   5 years bpanther_ts satfind: now vfd for hd51
(edit) @e51bd0b   5 years max_10 arm: add aio-grab
(edit) @115f4d0   5 years max_10 update .gitignore
(edit) @637f248   5 years max_10 delete fbshot
(edit) @d07dded   5 years max_10 add showiframe arm
(edit) @b2d2b38   5 years noreply Merge pull request #7 from sid8796/master [HL101] fix evremote2
(edit) @729ad5f   5 years noreply [HL101] fix evremote2
(edit) @dc946b2   5 years max_10 add tools satfind
(edit) @7fe50fe   5 years max_10 add satfind
(edit) @402abf8   5 years max_10 del ENABLE_MULTICOM324
(edit) @86575ad7   5 years max_10 activate wakeup_reason for ufs912/13
(edit) @aae1400   5 years max_10 add flashtool_mup box
(edit) @ac6d578   6 years max_10 flash_tool: add verbose
(edit) @43a2b32   6 years max_10 add flashtool-pad
(edit) @8e7882e   6 years max_10 add flashtool-mup
(edit) @fc0fc94   6 years max_10 add flashtool-fup
(edit) @aa6c139   6 years max_10 update .gitignore
(edit) @4133721   6 years max_10 apps only for buildsystem-dd
(edit) @36c86d7   6 years eric minimon: update to new name convention
(edit) @0cdb9c1   6 years eric adding minimon, a virtual framebuffer module/daemon for SPF Photoframes
(edit) @2c38935   6 years zdzislaw22 Enable support of ON/OFF separate keys for Neutrino
(edit) @f24668e   6 years max_10 less warnings
(edit) @77832a6   6 years max_10 cosmetics
(edit) @aa989a0   6 years max_10 add and
(edit) @e28993e   6 years max_10 evr2-set-remote (thx DboxOldie)
(edit) @5961c15   6 years noreply Merge pull request #6 from zukon/master fix cuberevo e2 build
(edit) @f4e7c79   6 years zukon fix cuberevo e2 build
(edit) @575f67d   7 years max_10 add no_probe test
(edit) @241b7b4   7 years max_10 formatting code
(edit) @ee0abfa   7 years max_10 add AM_SILENT_RULES
(edit) @1f1f290   7 years max_10 Merge pull request #4 from HDMU/patch-4 Update Ufs922.c
(edit) @a7780ee   7 years max_10 add and
(edit) @db2a9d5   7 years max_10 update evremote2
(edit) @0d31e36   7 years max_10 re add libeplayer3 - fix compilation with ffmpeg3.0.1
(edit) @bc81c5b   7 years max_10 add eplayer3 open-arp
(edit) @da22890   7 years max_10 update .gitignore
(edit) @bf83b32   7 years max_10 add and
(edit) @d41a31b   7 years max_10 add and
(edit) @a3aae34   7 years max_10 add DRIVER_TOPDIR
(edit) @57a145f   7 years max_10 rename libmmeimage -> libmme_image
(edit) @ddbd2be   7 years max_10 rename spf87hd -> spf_tool
(edit) @32d8fe7   7 years eric fix compile, set spf optional
(edit) @efca2cd   7 years eric add Mini-Monitor daemon for Samsung SPF-87H
(edit) @30053f5   7 years zdzislaw22 libeplayer3 - fix compilation with ffmpeg3.0.1
(edit) @973b2f2   7 years max_10 add cuberevo_3000hd (Thx to jaro44)
(edit) @95489a6   7 years max_10 add cuberevo_3000hd (Thx to jaro44)
(edit) @e3d2f14   7 years max_10 ipbox update
(edit) @613307b   7 years max_10 rename old gst-plugins-dvbmediasink
(edit) @550536a   7 years max_10 clean
(edit) @c2cb604   7 years max_10 update .gitignore
(edit) @83c1771   8 years max_10 move hotplug to sbin
(edit) @ca1740d   8 years max_10 cosmetics / add KEY_SLEEP
(edit) @dca29d8   8 years max_10 hs7119/hs7819 remote control did not work
(edit) @8127857   8 years eric add blinking icon for new spark vfd
(edit) @68fa8f0   8 years max_10 add AM_SILENT_RULES
(edit) @8d7a227   8 years max_10 fix compiler warning
(edit) @1b48337   8 years max_10 update .gitignore
(edit) @743a4b8   8 years max_10 fix acinclude.m4
(edit) @56937c6   8 years j00zek [fp_control] nbox and sagemcom8X tuners fix
(edit) @845e3bb   8 years j00zek Merge branch 'master' of
(edit) @2f7d66b   8 years j00zek [evremote2] add blinking icon in uselircdName mode
(edit) @2d5acb5   8 years max_10 cosmetics fp_control
(edit) @efc01de   8 years max_10 Revert "fortis hs7119 and hs7819 added" This reverts commit …
(edit) @43c21a7   8 years max_10 Revert "fix neutrino wakeup" This reverts commit …
(edit) @3737833   8 years max_10 Revert "sync Audioniek apps" This reverts commit …
(edit) @8bf51bd   8 years j00zek wait4button (based on evremote2) to control bash scripts via RC (like read)
(edit) @d1dedcc   8 years j00zek [sagemcom88] fp_control fix
(edit) @9cd411c   8 years max_10 sync Audioniek apps
(edit) @2003fb0   8 years max_10 [libeplayer3] change deprecated max_analyze_duration to …
(edit) @65b0492   8 years j00zek evremote2 lircdName mode fix
(edit) @f1ccee4   8 years max_10 tools/vfdctl/vfdctl.c: add spark7162
(edit) @a5937fd   8 years max_10 apps/acinclude.m4: add HAVE_XXXXXX_HARDWARE
(edit) @d2e99d1   8 years j00zek evremote2, emergency reboot function in LircdName mode.
(edit) @8aae25a   8 years j00zek evremote final (I hope) changes
(edit) @5187982   8 years j00zek evremote2, lircdName fix
(edit) @a632ecd   8 years j00zek Revert Adb_box removal plus some fixes
(edit) @f220ef7   8 years bonkelchen Update Ufs922.c
(edit) @1826a4e   8 years j00zek Evremote2 improvements
(edit) @9e6fcc8   8 years max_10 fix neutrino wakeup
(edit) @e9ed085   8 years max_10 .
(edit) @89f9632   8 years max_10 Fix compiler warnings
(edit) @e5f19ab   8 years max_10 fortis hs7119 and hs7819 added
(edit) @2e2623f   8 years max_10 sync aio-grab
(edit) @c35164a   8 years j00zek onboarding fortis dp7000 first step
(edit) @5feb024   8 years max_10 mem leack fix
(edit) @732d6e9   8 years max_10 libeplayer3/container_ffmpeg: switch to ffmpeg 2.0 API
(edit) @44f52c5   9 years j00zek [evremote2] small adb_boxRC fix and make evremote2 working with every …
(edit) @2cb3fc0   9 years j00zek [ariva@link200] onboarding to apps
(edit) @6d79026   9 years max_10 [evremote2] cosmetics
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