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(edit) @a9012d8   3 years bpanther_ts ni removed
(edit) @f121251   3 years bpanther_ts fix last commit
(edit) @77e8998   3 years bpanther_ts fix revXXXX
(edit) @62f0f52   4 years bpanther_ts octagon1008/fortis_hdbox partition changes
(edit) @b8f9e59   4 years bpanther_ts cuberevo mini added
(edit) @01cc8c9   4 years dampf_acc remove, cleanup unused boxes
(edit) @decdda7   5 years noreply Merge pull request #1 from mohousch/master - first commit.
(edit) @6fdb771   5 years mohousch - first commit.
(edit) @da0c594   5 years bpanther_ts ufs910/22 sfdisk removed
(edit) @e69d09c   5 years bpanther_ts curl not for ufs910/ufs922 flash
(edit) @d7e6264   6 years bpanther_ts change flash partition size root/var
(edit) @10eec70   6 years bpanther_ts change flash partition size root/var
(edit) @045a93b   6 years dampf_acc complement last commit a92e51b24b067b5877c89d504217c6888c7cf4e2
(edit) @a92e51b   6 years dampf_acc fix gitversion, adapted to DDT-BS - see here: …
(edit) @5ebcd7d   6 years dampf_acc Revert "fix ufs910/22 /usr/share -> /share" This reverts commit …
(edit) @455982d   6 years bpanther_ts fix ufs910/22 /usr/share -> /share
(edit) @1698d6b   6 years bpanther_ts small fix
(edit) @616ee38   6 years dampf_acc fix gitversion
(edit) @4c11b93   6 years bpanther_ts add devs tun and ramzswap
(edit) @cae22d4   6 years bpanther_ts UFS910/22-Flash: Only DE/EN languages
(edit) @2e81b9c   6 years bpanther_ts correct rights for flash zip files
(edit) @b10bf82   6 years max_10 update gitversion
(edit) @a7f1503   6 years max_10 fix last change
(edit) @b8df10f   6 years max_10 add DATETIME
(edit) @f9e48c9   6 years max_10 rename HOST to BOXTYPE
(edit) @1d4b969   6 years max_10 update nor_flash customize
(edit) @4bfc681   6 years max_10 rename at7500 to boxtype atevio7500
(edit) @05579d6   6 years max_10 cosmetic
(edit) @d5980fc   6 years max_10 update HOST name
(edit) @2c216e8   6 years max_10 update flash-bs
(edit) @eb63d94   6 years max_10 astyle code formatting
(edit) @c3162fc   6 years max_10 nor_flash: update
(edit) @301f3bb   7 years max_10 fix tf7700
(edit) @91f5be2   7 years max_10 fix URL
(edit) @f65ac62   7 years max_10 del cdk dir
(add) @f9a59b3   7 years max_10 init
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