May 28, 2018: Today

12:17 AM Changeset [42489] by aafsvn
[titan] autoupdate po files (mutant51)
12:12 AM Changeset [42488] by aafsvn
[titan] autoupdate po files (mutant51)
12:08 AM Changeset [42487] by karlo
fix po

May 27, 2018: Yesterday

2:45 AM Changeset [42486] by karlo
fix wm2018
2:24 AM Changeset [42485] by aafsvn
[titan] ERROR autoupdate po files
2:20 AM Changeset [42484] by karlo
new wm2018 plugin - thx mr_petz

May 26, 2018:

10:11 PM Changeset [42483] by andy-1
fix sec
9:49 AM Changeset [42482] by andy-1
fix sec

May 25, 2018:

10:23 PM Ticket #544 (Buildsystem - ability to edit ticket) created by professor_jonny
currently you can only edit reply's to tickets. would like to change …
10:18 PM Ticket #534 (System - smb.conf) closed by professor_jonny
fixed: Related to Unicode problem's mismatch with windows line encodings? caused …
10:10 PM Ticket #526 (Übersetzungen - default signal rate ?) closed by professor_jonny
fixed: fix committed in PO ages ago.
10:06 PM Ticket #535 (System - Rc button Test) closed by professor_jonny
invalid: Possible via telnet in command line would be nice to be able to be done …
10:02 PM Ticket #536 (Werbung - wiki broken) closed by professor_jonny
10:01 PM Ticket #529 (TiThek - FilmOn new zealand) closed by professor_jonny
duplicate: related to FilmOn routing through international server duplicate to …
9:54 PM Ticket #539 (Tuner - rain fade during recording) closed by professor_jonny
fixed: duplicate ticket
3:59 PM Changeset [42481] by andy-1
fix sec
12:20 PM Ticket #543 (Tuner - rember tuner config on tuner mode change) created by professor_jonny
upon changing the mode of the tuner (linked to unlinked then changing …
12:10 PM Ticket #542 (Tuner - copy tuner config 2-1 and 1-2) created by professor_jonny
when setting up a tuner currently you are unable to copy the config from …

May 23, 2018:

8:18 AM Changeset [42480] by andy-1
fix sec
2:24 AM Ticket #541 (Tuner - Tuner not recovering on rain fade.) created by professor_jonny
Hi if I get a serious rain fade event the tuner does not recover when the …
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