22:04 Changeset [4941] by Captain
[ipk] fix AddonManager Version Number
21:57 Changeset [4940] by Captain
[all] small fixes settings file
20:54 Changeset [4939] by nit
[grab.sh] fix 16:9 problem with 576i/p
14:25 Changeset [4938] by nit
13:40 Changeset [4937] by nit
add setpcr sourcen
09:05 Changeset [4936] by nit
set cpu frequ after restore
08:42 Changeset [4935] by nit
[grab] segfault fix
01:25 Changeset in driver [c0ea623] by konfetti <konfetti@…>
[player179] wrong/new includes


22:29 Changeset [4934] by nit
[grab] add option -i for hight
22:27 Changeset [4933] by Captain
[svn] update svn to build git player 131 and 179 change PLAYER …
21:56 Changeset [4932] by nit
[szap] fix: do not write radio config in tv variables
21:14 Changeset [4931] by bonkel
[WebIF] fix wapremote thx bauernbub
20:59 Changeset in driver [1d38603] by konfetti <konfetti@…>
[player179] and finally add include dir
20:45 Changeset in apps [64eaed0] by konfetti <konfetti@…>
[player179] change configs; add player switch in make.sh
20:41 Changeset in driver [2e73345] by konfetti <konfetti@…>
[player179] add new stmfb (thx nit)
20:36 Changeset in driver [56d03b7d] by konfetti <konfetti@…>
[player179] additonal renaming
20:22 Changeset in driver [b32f2db] by konfetti <konfetti@…>
[player179] rename directories
19:10 Changeset in apps [6aa1527] by babsy98 <babsy98@…>
[player3] fix fast forward and rewind speed , commit for nit
18:44 Changeset [4930] by bonkel
[AAFPanel] disable beta config in releas/update image
17:29 Changeset [4929] by bauernbub
fixed AM open problem
14:27 Changeset [4928] by bonkel
[WebIF] fix plugin
13:14 Changeset [4927] by sofatester
[MC_WebRadioFS] Update shoutcast URL
08:34 Changeset [4926] by bonkel
[WebIF] fix
08:31 Changeset [4925] by bonkel
[WebIF] fix
08:28 Changeset [4924] by bonkel
[WebIF] fix jacascripts..test streaming please..
08:12 Changeset [4923] by bauernbub
changed motd
08:06 Changeset [4922] by bauernbub
07:05 Changeset in driver [dcafa00] by Topfi <Topfi@…>
Merge branch 'master' of git://gitorious.org/open-duckbox-project-sh4/tdt


20:55 Changeset [4921] by bonkel
[aafpanel] fix german language
20:53 Changeset [4920] by bonkel
[aafpanel] po file fix
18:24 Changeset [4919] by Captain
[IPbox,AT7000,UFS912] fix TS Scroll
18:06 Changeset [4918] by sofatester
[MediaPlayer] add new Fileextensions (flv, mts, mov)
11:48 Changeset [4917] by gost
[all] sync with monitoring


21:38 Changeset [4916] by bonkel
[ufs912] Disable cec in rcS
13:29 Changeset [4915] by Captain
[ipbox] add 30 sec for wakeup timer diff
10:55 Changeset [4914] by Captain
[ufs910} fix camrouting patch
00:49 Changeset [4913] by Captain
[ipk] add stable emus again
00:40 Changeset [4912] by Captain
[all] add sync again for shutdown, fix lost files usb device


23:21 Changeset [4911] by nit
[ipbox] clean frontpanel timer if box starts with timer
20:59 Changeset [4910] by nit
fix debug output
20:51 Changeset [4909] by nit
fix debug output
20:36 Changeset [4908] by obi
[webif] add screenshoot (video/audio muxed) thx nit
19:03 Changeset [4907] by krauss
add sync thx GOst
17:36 Changeset [4906] by nit
aktivate config_stm_grb: fix skbuff segfault build error should …
12:03 Changeset [4905] by bonkel
[WebIF] fix
11:30 Changeset [4904] by bonkel
[WebIF] fix
02:40 Changeset [4903] by bonkel
[MC] fix font size in apple trailer


21:28 Changeset [4902] by bonkel
[WebIF] add link to vizcam/oscam webif in emu panel, please test it…
20:22 Changeset [4901] by bonkel
[ipk] delete myvideo from ipk , its now in obis mc
18:23 Changeset [4900] by Topfi
[AAF Panel]&[WebIF] Avoid dirty filesystem(s) after reboot
10:10 Changeset [4899] by nit
add grab source
01:25 Changeset [4898] by obi
[ipk] cleanup old emus
00:52 Changeset [4897] by obi
[ipk] fix building for default user


23:14 Changeset [4896] by nit
change pillarbox / panscan
22:32 Changeset in driver [0fff2d7] by babsy98 <babsy98@…>
[player2] add nonlinear to video policy commit for nit
21:25 Changeset [4895] by nit
add mencoder changes for dynamic use of ffmpeg libs
20:58 Changeset [4894] by nit
fix debug output
18:28 Changeset [4893] by Captain
[svn] fix timezone.diff hunk error ipbox build
16:20 Changeset [4892] by speedy1
[ipk] Oscam_4066 added. New Config concerning Start/Stop and Oscam.dvbapi
16:08 Changeset [4891] by obi
[ipk] fix linking
16:01 Changeset [4890] by obi
[ipk] fix executable rights
01:54 Changeset [4889] by bonkel
[WebIF] fix plugins
00:37 Changeset [4888] by obi
[ipk] set sambaserver3.1 executable


19:29 Changeset in driver [310aa57] by konfetti <konfetti@…>
[stv090x] fix the fix
19:20 Changeset in driver [ebc96fe] by konfetti <konfetti@…>
Merge branch 'master' of gitorious.org:open-duckbox-project-sh4/tdt
19:19 Changeset in driver [eaad41e] by konfetti <konfetti@…>
[stv090x] bugfix; add bbgain moduleparameter
19:03 Changeset [4887] by obi
19:02 Changeset [4886] by obi
[ipk] add default settings again
17:34 Changeset in driver [b24be8f] by BPanther <bpanther_ts@…>
[neutrino] - change file format back to unix format
17:32 Changeset [4885] by obi
17:15 Changeset [4884] by obi
17:05 Changeset [4883] by obi
[make-flash] fix settings again
16:34 Changeset [4882] by obi
[make-flash] fix default settings copy
16:30 Changeset [4881] by obi
[ufs912] fix smbd
15:59 Changeset [4880] by obi
[make-flash] remove ffmpeg and mencoder not needed [mc] update convert …
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