10.10 Network (Contents) (Main page)

The Plugins in this section allow you to extend the communication capabillty of your receiver. These plugins can be downloaded from the online extensions browser.

DLNA is a server extension that allows you to stream video or audio files
directly to other DLNA capable digital devices attached in your home network.

Facebook allows you login and use Facebook from your receiver.

e2webserv allows a connection from an E2 client to your TitanNit receiver and allows
you to control your receiver, stream channels and recordings and allows managemant of
timers (for recordings). Thanks to this plugin it is possible to connect from an iOS
App, a PC or Raspberry Pi with the XBMC software (VU+).
It is reported to run with dreaMote Lite, dreaMote, e2RemoteHD
and Dreambox Live for iOS aswell as XBMC for Windows7 and Raspberry Pi.

libpack is a compilation of drivers that extend the
communication capability of your receiver.

libsmbclient is a plugin for low Memory receivers. This
plugin has to be installed to enable smbfs setup and usage.

networkbrowser allows you to use your remote control to
mount available NFS and CIFSsharepoints inside your local connected network.

OpenVPN allows a server client VPN connection. To use this plugin you have
to edit the configuration files and should have sophisticated knowledge in netwrok setup.

Samba is needed to include your receiver as a Windows networkdrive.
Using the plugin your receiver is a Samba server.

SmbClient (Win7) is a network browser extention for better compatibility with windows 7.

xupnpd - eXtensible UPnP agent is a server extension that allows you to stream video, audio files
and live tv from a free tuner from your receiver directly to other DLNA capable digital
devices attached in your home network.

What can the xupnpd DLNA server?

At every start of the current playlists bouquets and images are generated (takes a few seconds), then then starts xupnpd.

Is a tuner free, then to the desired channel is zapped. Single tuner boxes should be in standby. In principle, the same behavior as the stream via the web interface. There is still the possibility to enable the option "Allow switching by Live Stream" in the web interface settings. Then xupnpd has priority. Note that switches to the station!

Operation: Call the plugin in Extensions -> Additional Programs Autostart yes / no or manual start or stop with green or red


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