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Quick Start Guide Contents (Contents) (Main page) New Gui section work in progress expect dead links or missing data.

Quick Start Guide

This section contains information about the on screen menus within TitanNit and discriptions to the various items and their functions aswell as helpfull information and tricks to get the most possible experience with your Receiver.

Note: pictures in this area only apply to the default skin used in Titan. If you do not see a specific menu item on the display please select the default skin from the menu as follows:

Press the "Menu" button and select "Settings" scroll down to "Skin" and select the "Default" Skin from the menu. The decoder will then reboot with the new selected Default skin.


Welcome to TitanNit'''

Congratulations new users to your choice in your new Atemio Receiver or on the instalation of TitanNit onto your exising receiver: The TitanNit interface is designed with the 'Home Theater' in mind. This means it is best viewed on a large-screen TV while you sit on your couch 10-feet away from the TV, If it helps, you can think of TitanNit as the ultimate media player/Set-top-box, rather than just another set top box operating system. First Steps

Setting up the main Features TitanNit was designed to do two things really well. It can display live tv and it play your videos and recordings, the scope of this quick start guide will explain the setup and operation of those features in a short precise way. this section was designed for those who do not care to ever read the manual and just want to jump in and get their hands dirty in all that is TitanNit.

Setting Up the Language (Contents) (Main page)

To set up the language of the interface go to menu the "Menu" and select > "System" > "Sprache" then select the language desired then the reciever will then reboot and restatr with the new language settings.

Setting Up the Hdd (Contents) (Main page)

To Set Up the Hdd of the receiver to be used for swap, extentions, recordings and media go into the "Menu" and select > "System" > "Hdd"

Setting up the Tuner (Contents) (Main page)

To Set up the Tuner of the receiver go into the "Menu" and select > "System" > "Channel setup"

Proforming a Scan (Contents) (Main page)

To Set up the Tuner of the receiver go into the "Menu" and select > "System" > "Channel setup"

Watching TV (Contents) (Main page)

Setting up a Media Source (Contents) (Main page)

Playing Back media (Contents) (Main page)

Conclusion (Contents) (Main page)

Conclusion Thanks for reading this Quick Start Guide. Below in the "Apendixces" section you will find additional suggested reading that may be useful for getting started with the advanced features of TitanNit.

Apendixcies (Contents) (Main page)