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This is the TitanNit Online Manual. Its existence is based solely on the contributions of the members of the community.

This manual remains incomplete, although it comes closer on a daily basis, as the TitanNit software is continually being developed and improved this site is repeatedly extended and adapted.

There may be functionality that does not yet exist in this manual, so please feel free to pitch in and make any changes you see fit, that way as TitanNit evolves this manual will continue to evolve as well.

If you are unsure if you should put some information in here or not, please feel free to contact us on Skype. Registered users may edit and create pages, and if you wish to access the wiki svn to upload pictures via TortiseSVN please contact us on Skype.

For those of you who help us by contributing to this wiki might want to keep an eye on the TitanNit section in the forum, and we may be able to provide you with some developer only beta tools and updates for use to test functions and take forth comming screen shots for the wiki and to test new features.

Currently translations for other languages would be high on the list if you are able to help with translation's on the wiki go for it if you are able to help with gui translations please see TitanNitLanguageEditor for information on creating and submitting these to the devs. This manual was created in order to help the users of TitanNit as a place to consolidate the information accrued over the years on the AAFforum and to tap in the flow of information from the developers.

Please note that information on Emus, Illegal decryption of channels, card sharing and the like is not allowed, any information placed on this wiki is up for editing and modification by the community so don't get angry if it is removed or edited.

NO copyrighted content is to be placed on this wiki if you are not the copyright holder of pictures or information placed on here or blatently copy works from other sources you may be banned from the wiki and or forum.

Contents Section (Main page(language select))


Quick Start Guide

This section contains the quick start guide where users can set up titanin a short precise way.


TitanNit Info

This section contains background information in reguards to TitanNit


Interface Elements

This setion contains information on the interface of TitanNit


Interface and Operation

This section shows the interface and menu structure within TitanNit


Remote/ Device Control

This section contains information on the control of titan from the various remote interfaces


Architecture and Programming

This section contains information on the the various architecture and programming information regarding TitanNit



This section explains the different versions of TitanNit and their differences.


Supported Receivers

This section details the supported receiver models in TitanNit.


Installation / Recovery

This section contains information on how to install and recover your titan installation.


External Software

This section explains external software for use with TitanNit.



This section will show you the various plugins available for titan and their source codes.



This section details information on how to develop plugins for TitanNit.



This section explains using the trac bug system.



This section will show you information about various manufacturers of TitanNit capable hardware.



This section details information on how to get support for titan.



This section has info on how to contact the TitanNit Team.



This section is for wiki editors to place translation marks there.



This section contains a legal disclaimer.



This is a test page for testing wiki code

Screenshots of the interface

source:/wiki/Wiki-Pictures/EN/Mainmenu.jpg source:/wiki/Wiki-Pictures/EN/Recordsand_EPG.jpg source:/wiki/Wiki-Pictures/EN/Media_Center.jpg source:/wiki/Wiki-Pictures/EN/Media_player.jpg source:/wiki/Wiki-Pictures/EN/Extentions.jpg source:/wiki/Wiki-Pictures/EN/System.jpg source:/wiki/Wiki-Pictures/EN/Settings.jpg source:/wiki/Wiki-Pictures/EN/Information.jpg source:/wiki/Wiki-Pictures/EN/Standby_Poweroff.jpg source:/wiki/Wiki-Pictures/EN/Playback-OSD.jpg source:/wiki/Wiki-Pictures/EN/EPG-OSD.jpg source:/wiki/Wiki-Pictures/EN/Internal-Player-OSD.jpg source:/wiki/Wiki-Pictures/EN/Favourite-OSD.jpg source:/wiki/Wiki-Pictures/EN/Web_Control.jpg

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