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Titanmote is a universal remote control for Linux-based receivers. Currently there is a little information we can provide reguarding this from the developer jagabongo.

Words from the developer:

I'm currently working on an iOS app for TitanNit . For this I would need a few beta testers .

The app will cost money later when development is finished and will be able to be purchased from the store, I will not releace it free because I have specially bought for this purpose a developer account and will take many hours of development, I also do not want the app to feature advertising.


  • IPhone or iPad with iOS > = 7.0
  • A bit of technical understanding
  • Lust for testing

A few recent screenshots :

So in Version 1 I should be able to:

  • Browse by bouquets / channel lists + See Epg info and switch Channels.
  • Add timers on an event with the epg data.
  • List all timer
  • Delete Timer
  • easy remote copy with touch buttons
  • 2 profiles
  • Everywhere pull to refresh .
  • [ EDIT] Forgot , it will be multilingual or , DE, FR, IT and rest English. But languages ​​are all relatively retrofitted without hazzle

Future features:

  • User: Password WebIf Auth . ( hopefully not often used)
  • Https support. ( Was I already am going to test with self-signed stuff but totally in the pants ... )
  • The stream to an iOS device is just not as easy as on Android that is why they first moved to the rear.

BETA testing runs like this:

  • 1 You send with your UUID ( google iOS Device UUID to find out )
  • 3 You share me with your UUID and email accounts.

When that's done you can you log on your mobile Safari in and always install it there through the browser to the latest build. (OTA Installation). This is perfectly legal and possible even without jailbreak.

if you are intreseed in becomming a better tester please leave a message in the forum.

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