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-- DYNDNS Settings (network (Back)


Here you can setup your DYNDNS interface.

Start on Boot: Start the DYNDNS server on startup.
User: setup the username for DYNDNS.
Password: Set the password for DYNDNS.
DNS NAME: set the dns name.
DNS Syatem: ???.

To "Store" the settings Exit from the Settings Menu by pressing "OK" or press "Exit" to cancel changes.

Coloured Button's Functions"

The "Coloured Buttons" along the bottom of the display bring up additional menus and options with in the epg settings menu. please see below for more info on the functions of these buttons:.

Text Button: (Keyboard) This will will bring up editor to edit a value or text string.
Green Button: (Start) Start the DYNDNS server.
Yellow Button: (Stop) Stop the DYNDNS server.