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3.1.1 Multi EPG (Records and EPG(Back)) (Contents) (Main page)

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Multi EPG is a small easy to read horozontal Multi Channel EPG.

Coloured and Extra Button's Functions"

The "Coloured and Extra Buttons" along the bottom of the display bring up additional menus and options with in the Single EPG menu. please see below for more info on the functions of these buttons:.

Red Button: (Timer) This will bring up the recording timer menu to set up a timer.
0 key (EPG Search): This will search the EPG for text you specify and bring up a list of matches where you may press the red button to set up a timer.
Info Button: (Info) This will bring up the selected program's EPG info string.

For information on setting up a timer Recording using the red button see (Records) for more info.

For information on setting proforming an EPG search using the 0 Key see (EPG Search) for more info.