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10.9 LCD Samsung Skins (Contents?) (Main page)

Samsung LCD is a project that allows a user to connect a
Samsung USB LCD dotmatric display to a compatible receiver. It allows displaying of
channel logos, channel name, time and timebar (for remaining time of the running program).
The display is full skinable and you may personalize it for your own comfort.
Please see the open source project for more information. Detailed information will follow.

source:/ipk/source/lcdsamsungskins_channel_Analoguhr/preview/prev.png source:/ipk/source/lcdsamsungskins_channel_Digitaluhr_gelb/preview/prev.png source:/ipk/source/lcdsamsungskins_channel_Digitaluhr_Trikots/preview/prev.png
source:/ipk/source/lcdsamsungskins_Digitaluhr_blau/preview/prev.png source:/ipk/source/lcdsamsungskins_Holzuhr_Standby/preview/prev.png