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10.17 WLAN Module (Contents) (Main page)

TitanNit is compatable with several usb Wireless lan devices below is a list of compatable wireless modules chipset's:

  • Realtek RTL8192SE (802.11N)
  • Realtek RTL8712U (802.11N)
  • Ralink RT2870STA (802.11N)
  • Ralink RT3070STA (802.11N)
  • Ralink RT5370STA (802.11N)

Drivers can be installed from any of the above devices from the online extentions (TPK Install (Online))

WLAN 8192 driver WLAN Driver 8172u WLAN Driver rt2870sta WLAN Driver rt3070sta WLAN Driver rt5370sta
source:/ipk/source.sh4/wlan_8192cu/preview/prev.png source:/ipk/source.sh4/wlan_8712u/preview/prev.png source:/ipk/source.sh4/wlan_rt2870sta/preview/prev.png source:/ipk/source.sh4/wlan_rt3070sta/preview/prev.png source:/ipk/source.sh4/wlan_rt5370sta/preview/prev.png