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     3>''' Tuner Configuration''' [=#point3.5.1.1] ([wiki:Channel-Service#point3.5.1 Channel-Service (Back)])  
     8Here you can setup your tuner and proform a channel scan. 
     12work in progress temp data: 
     14 ||'''Tuner 0/0''' ||Select the conection method for tuner 0.|| 
     15 ||'''Tuner 1/1''' ||Select the conection method for tuner 1.|| 
     17 To __"Store"__ the settings Exit from the EPG Settings Menu by pressing __"OK"__ or press __"Exit"__ to cancel changes. 
     19 '''Coloured Button's Functions''' 
     21 The __"Coloured Buttons"__ along the bottom of the display bring up additional menus and options with in the Tuner configuration menu. 
     22  Please see below for more info on the functions of these buttons:. 
     24 ||'''Red Button: (Edit tuner)''' ||Edit the settings for the selected tuner please see ([#point103.50.1.2 advanced tuner settings menu]) for more info.|| 
     25 ||'''Green Button: (Edit motor)''' ||Edit the motor settings for the selected tuner.|| 
     28>'''Advanced Tuner Settings Menu''' [=#point103.50.1.2] 
     32 ||'''Satellite type''' ||Select the tuner to lnb connection method (Diseqc, Single or Expert.|| 
     33 ||'''sat (number)''' ||select the satelite name connected.|| 
     34 ||'''Diseqc:''' ||Select the port for the selected satellite.|| 
     35 ||'''Lnb/ Unicable''' ||Bring up a the lnb settings for the selected satellite, select this item and press the red button set and adjust these settings see ([#point103.50.1.3 Advanced LNB settings menu]) for more info.||  
     37>'''Advanced LNB Settings Menu''' [=#point103.50.1.3] 
     39''This menu contains the advanced lnb settings'' 
     41 ||'''Voltage Mode''' ||Selects the lnb voltage function.|| 
     42 ||'''Tone Mode''' ||Selects the lnb tone function.|| 
     43 ||'''LOF/ unicable''' ||select the lnb type and lnb frequency settings for it.|| 
     46 '''Red Button: (Unicable manufacturer.''' select the unicable lnb manufacturer