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8.020 Homecast (Contents) (Main page)

Fortis is a Korean manufacture of satellite receivers that have a range of models that are compatible with TitanNit. These receivers were sold around the world to various resellers with customized bootloaders to lock them to a specific sales region, TitanNit installation is possible after the installation of a Atevio compatible bootloader.

SH4 Homecast Contents

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8.021 Homecast Pro (Contents) (Main page)

How do I install an Homecast UPDATEUSB Image?

  • Visit the Atemio homepage or the AAF digital forum and download the latest TitanNit firmware . (IRD Download Locations)
  • Extract the zip file
  • Now copy the unzipped IMG firmware file to a formatted FAT32 USB stick.

Note: The USB stick should not be formatted with windows. Use a separate program, such as the " HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool" (freeware program). Furthermore, we recommend a cheap USB stick with a small storage capacity as well as read and write speed.

  • Turn off the Receiver and disconnect all USB devices.
  • Connect the USB stick with the IMG file to your Receiver
  • Switch on (mains plug) while holding in the Power button on the unit (one button from the left) hold it down (about 3 seconds) until "LOAD SW" appears,

then the installation starts. Only then release the button

Note: If installation does not start, use a different USB stick.

  • The installation is finished when DONE appears on the receiver.
  • Restart the machine after by the main switch again to .

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8.022 Uninstalling Titan (Contents) (Main page)

If you have an Homecast receiver all you have to do is install your original IMG file as explained above and no bootloader changes are necessary.

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8.023 Update TitanNit (Contents) (Main Page)

There are two ways to update your TitanNit version and there are merits to both methods :

IRD offline method see Homecast Contents and select your Receiver model to show information on how to update titan using an IRD TitanNit image.
Note: using this method plugins and files stored to Flash will be formatted when the update is preformed. Plugins and files installed to MNT or a valid configured storage device will retain there settings .

Image Online Method see System update for information on how preform an online update.
Note: using this method all plugins and settings are retained as long as they are not installed in flash.
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8.024 IRD Download Locations (Contents) (Main Page)

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