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9 External Software (Contents) (Main page)

External Software is a collection of tools to supplement TitanNit.

This is a list of applications that can be use with or for to manipulate or control your Receiver.
Below is a list of external applications please select a link below for more information.


9.1 TiMote (Android)

Timote is an andriod application for streaming and control of TitanNit


9.2 TiView (PC)

TiView is an PC application for streaming and control of TitanNit


9.3 SatChannelListEditor

SatChannelListEditor is an PC application for manipulation of your TitanNit channel data.


9.4 E2WebIfAPI

E2WebIfAPI is an console application to support the dreambox xml web interface commands.


9.5 TitanEditor

TitanEditor is an PC application for manipulation of dreambox channel data to work on of your TitanNit Receiver.


9.6 TitanNitLanguageEditor

TitanLanguageEditor is an PC application for editing GUI language translations.