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3.6.17 MediaDB Settings (Settings (Back))(Contents) (Main page)

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Here you can change your media db settings.

MediaDB Path Here you can edit the path where the MediaDB is stored.
Delete MediaDB Before Scan: here you can to select to clear the MediaDB before a scan.
Delete Unused Entrys Before Scan: Here you can delete MediaDB entries For items not used.
Update Entrys On Scan: Update entries in the MediaDB with updated information if present.
Backdrop Download Count: Select the amount of backdrops to download per Entry in the MediaDB.
Debug Modus: Select Debug mode to out put Media DB results logfile.
Create Thumb Picture: automatically Create Thumbnails for items in the MediaDB.
Create Record Picture: Automatically Creat Thumbnails for recordings.

To "Store" the settings Exit from the EPG Settings Menu by pressing "OK" or press "Exit" to cancel changes.